Sleep deprivation is a useful self-analysis tool. Bringing emotions and issues to the surface.
I don’t mean sleepy here, i mean pushed past the shakiness and spots and hallucinations and back to nervous functionality.

“OK, no choice but to see if I can pull this task off in this state.”
At that point you can find yourself surprisingly relaxed. I find I am more civil with strangers, and less tolerant of those I know that have been on my nerves.
That feeling in your gut that tightens when you want to say something but hold back, those come right out in this state.
Kind of liberating – “Wow, I said that out loud, well too late now, may as well finish the thought. Felt pretty good.”
Just being in the state once in a while makes you aware of the little voice that says “You need some sleep before you make any important decisions.” Puts you in touch with your humanity, your capabilities and your limitations.


~ by interpretingillusions on November 20, 2012.

4 Responses to “Sleep”

  1. Please be careful and don’t over do it. Sleep deprivation is considered torture by the nation’s most respected communities and by the world organizations. It causes irreversible health damage and can lead to suicide and other negative factors. Probably on the short term you might experience as you say, but on the prolonged, extensive acts of sleep deprivation serious damage will occur. I know, I’ve been there. I’m not trying to be negative on you, but trying to save you from self destruction from over doing it. Thanks.

    • Thanks very much for the concern. I certainly didn’t intend to recommend it, just something I deal with from time to time and thought others might be interested in the reflection without having to experience personally. You are certainly right to point out the importance and wisdom of avoiding getting ones self into the trouble in the first place.

      • Thank you for the reply and not getting upset with my comment, which I feared might occur. I’m sure there are moments when such sleep deprivation might stimulate the brain for some sort of benefit such as a moment of creativity, but like drugs and alcohol have helped artists and writers create masterpieces, in the long term it has always proved deadly and as a result of the damage we lost the artists and writers prematurely. The thing I find most fascinating, and until this day cannot understand is the medical field itself with conduct toward young doctors and interns being forced to work ungodly hours when they know before anyone else that sleep deprivation causes mistakes and accidents on the job. It is one big question mark in my mind. It has certainly been a pleasure discussing this topic that you brought up with you. I look forward to future chats on interesting subjects. Thanks and best wishes with your blogging. –Cliff

  2. Interesting point of view. It reminds me of what my kendo sensei used to say about fatigue, “When you are really tired, that is when your true form comes out.” Being exhausted gives us an opportunity to be aware of our true nature and improve on it.

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