1000 Words

The base concept of the movie was intriguing for me. Wasted in the slapstick plot, the movie itself had only a few brief glimmers of its philosophical potential.

The concept in the trailer was very interesting. What would you save them for if you only had 1000 words left to say.
We all start with the same answer – that we would speak only of our love to those close to us, but let’s think past that.

It would obviously force us to be more non-verbally expressive. We might be more willing to use the “It’s OK, I understand” look. I think we would be generally more thoughtful. In our more common, thoughtful moments we might also tend to show more positive energy more often just in our expressions. Reassurance in the silence.
We would certainly waste fewer words on those we cared less about. If words were precious we would certainly use fewer in anger.

Bullets should be so precious.

I’m sure we’d perfect the look that said “I wouldn’t waste a word on you.”
People would just disappear when offended, you would never find out what you had done that was offensive.

I like to think we would spend some of those precious words working the important things out. Clarifying only where there was profound doubt. Finding creative ways to express ourselves.
We’d certainly pay attention when words were spoken.  Speech would hit us like unexpected rain – Someone found something important enough to speak out!
Maybe we would all speak like Lincoln, having spent years working on precise and yet meaningful phraseology. Or like brief Shakespeare, full of double meanings and depth.

The silent retreat is certainly an interesting experience, but even more interesting to me is this level of limited communication. Like the lost art of the telegram.

Try it for a day. Listen, think, consider whether any response at all is really necessary, then speak. See if, and how, people’s reaction to your words, and even to the silence between them, changes.

Instead of 339 maybe I should have used only 3 –

Experiment – speak concisely


~ by interpretingillusions on November 17, 2012.

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