Mental Health Day

Always loved that phrase.
Took one yesterday.

Highly recommend it.

In fact, I’ve decided to make it a mandatory monthly activity.
And Im not just talking about taking the day off work. Don’t even tell anyone at home.

Use it on the things you have been wanting to do but haven’t had the time.
Sit in the spring sunshine.
Go the gym when there is no one there.
Find the music you’ve been looking for.
Drive the 15 minutes to get the cup of coffee you really want.
Practice something you’ve been neglecting.
Be a tourist in your own town.

Whatever, but do nothing out of guilt. Do not answer the phone or try to fit in an errand.
The more retirees you see the better you are doing. They know the best slow diners, sunny benches, fishing spots and walking trails in the middle of the day.
Do whatever you want.
In the end I really think you come back without the baggage. When a few of those moments are truly enjoyed you no longer hold their absence against the people asking for your time.
So much easier to engage in the 10,000 things once you return satisfied.


~ by interpretingillusions on April 13, 2012.

2 Responses to “Mental Health Day”

  1. I have a very flexible work schedule right now — and I don’t know how anyone manages without a week-day here and there all to themself! (Maybe they don’t manage, I guess.)

  2. . . . and those who feel they can *least* afford it should try the hardest to do it *most* often!

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