Like WE can change TIME

Changing the clocks always amuses me at some level.
Not the practical part, I get that. But it seems to create in us the illusion that we are in control of the daylight, and I think it has deeper roots in human psychology. The need to be in control.
I once witnessed a heated discussion between two perfectly reasonable people over whether the day of the time change actually, physically has one less hour of daylight. As though we could individually control the very stars in their courses (or if enough of us voted on it…) One of these gents had lost total contact with concept that no matter what we little ants call the hour, the sun still rises and sets exactly as its orbital rules predict.
An extreme example to me of the Four Noble Truths theme against imposing useless judgements on reality. When we make these judgements we are asking for trouble and disappointment.
But I’ll take the extra hour of sleep. That was real…


~ by interpretingillusions on March 14, 2012.

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